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Will tattoos leave scars? – will tattoos leave scars

Tattoo washing, also known as removing tattoos, is to remove the original patterns on the body through certain technical means. With the rapid development of science and technology, there are many tattoo washing methods, such as freezing depigmentation, divine needle heat transfer method, high-frequency electronic watch needle tattoo washing, traditional Chinese medicine tattoo washing, laser tattoo washing, etc. laser tattoo washing is commonly used.

Will tattoos leave scars? – will tattoos leave scars

Will washing tattoos leave scars

Laser tattoo washing uses the high energy instantaneously emitted by the laser to make the irradiated pigment particles absorb energy, expand and rupture, part of which splits into smaller fragments and is excreted out of the body, and part of which is swallowed by human macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system, so as to remove the pigment.

Because the laser washing tattoo with a specific wavelength can reach the diseased pigment tissue through the epidermis and dermis, and only plays a role in pigment particles, the laser washing tattoo has little or no damage to the epidermis of the skin, and has no obvious damage to the texture of the skin, so there will be no scars on the skin.

Human skin is divided into the superficial epidermis and the dermis below. The epidermis can be renewed and shed quickly, while the dermis will not. When tattooing, the pigment is generally implanted in the dermis, so it is long-term and cannot disappear by itself. Therefore, removing tattoos is not a very easy thing.