CO2 Fractional Laser

What snacks can’t you eat after C6 laser tattoo removal?

After C6 laser tattoo removal, you can’t eat irritating food, especially spicy and sour food. For example: Weilong spicy strip, pickled pepper chicken feet, duck neck and so on. Because irritant food will affect human endocrine and cause a large amount of oil on the skin, otherwise it will cause wound infection, suppuration and various unnecessary skin diseases.

In addition, the diet after C6 laser tattoo removal should also pay attention to these:

  1. Within 1 week after operation, keep the diet light and try to avoid fast food, fried food, barbecue and other foods.
  2. You can’t eat seafood. Seafood is a common hair product, which will cause endocrine disorders, acne and other symptoms.
  3. Eat less fat food. Dark color foods such as soy sauce and coke also need to be eaten less.
  4. If you eat something you can’t eat after operation, resulting in small blisters on the wound, remember to stop the food that causes infection immediately and go to the hospital to communicate and check with the doctor at the same time.

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