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What are the steps of laser tattoo washing

Walking down the street, I saw many people with tattoos. Tattoos can be iconic. If you want to remove tattoos in the future, you can remove them through cosmetic medicine. What are the steps of laser tattoo washing?

What are the steps of laser tattoo washing

Tattoo is to needle into the bottom layer of the skin, and make some patterns or words on the skin. The pigment when tattooing is generally implanted in the dermis, so it is long-term. It can’t disappear by itself, so it’s not very easy to get rid of tattoos.

There are many tattoo washing methods, such as freezing to remove pigment, divine needle heat transfer method, high-frequency electronic watch needle tattoo washing, traditional Chinese medicine tattoo washing, laser tattoo washing, etc. laser tattoo washing is commonly used. The steps of laser tattoo washing are also relatively simple.

Principle of laser tattoo washing

It is to act the laser on the affected area, break the pigment particles into very small debris, and discharge them through skin eschar removal, or blood circulation discharge and cell phagocytosis to complete pigment metabolism. This method does not destroy other skin tissues and does not leave scars after operation. It is the preferred method for the treatment of tattoos, but the cost is slightly more expensive.

Steps to wash Tattoos:

  1. When choosing a place to wash tattoos, you must look for a regular, technically good and clean place to prevent the infection behind the tattoos due to hygiene problems.
  2. After choosing a good place, you can ask whether there is a cooling fan, so that the comfort will be better; Lie down (or sit down) and expose the tattooed area for the convenience of technicians. It’s more important to find a comfortable angle, because time has a lot to do with the technician’s technology.
  3. Understand the times of tattoo washing. Now, for tattoo washing, it has never been cleaned once as advertised in the market. For those who say they can be cleaned once, they are all to attract your attention. They will tell you where they go, so don’t be cheated.

What are the steps of laser tattoo washing? After reading the above, you should understand the steps of laser tattoo washing. Getting rid of tattoos is not an easy thing. We must choose a formal organization to be responsible for our own body.