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What are the common methods of laser tattoo removal

Tattoo is a pursuit of personality for many people. I believe that people who have been in contact with tattoos know that the effect of tattoos is lifelong. If you want to remove tattoos, you need to use special methods, and laser tattooing is a common method to wash tattoos.

Common methods of laser tattoo removal:

Those who need to be removed due to beauty can be removed by Leather Knife surgery. If the area is large, skin grafting and plastic surgery can be carried out.

For those who need to be removed without beauty, electrolytic and chemical corrosion methods can be used for those with small area.

At present, skin friction or its improved method is widely used, that is, salt is used as erasing agent. The disadvantage is that generally, all pigments can not be removed, and destructive scars and (or) pigmentation can be left. However, the pigment will subside spontaneously in a period of time after operation.

Laser treatment also has good curative effect. Laser treatment of pigmentation, tattoo and eyebrow tattoo has significant curative effect, small side effects, short treatment time and simple postoperative nursing of the affected area.

Nursing precautions after laser tattoo removal:

Aureomycin ointment is applied outside the wound to keep the wound dry and clean. Generally, it is not wrapped. If the wound is large or not easy to be exposed, it can be wrapped appropriately. At the same time, oral antibiotics such as Lijunsha and xianfengmycin are given to avoid sun exposure and strenuous exercise. Cosmetics are prohibited to avoid pigmentation of the wound.

The disadvantage of laser is that it is expensive and time-consuming. However, patients suffer less and suffer less damage. Female patients are especially inclined to laser treatment. Generally, about 3 tattoos can be treated with laser therapy.

If you choose surgery, it depends on the size, range and shape of your tattoo. If it is a long strip or the range is relatively small, you can directly remove and suture it. After removing the suture, use kangruibao externally to prevent scars. After three months to half a year, the incision scar can be ground once in three months, and the scar is not obvious after two to four times.

If the scope is large, it is feasible to remove skin grafting and sub resection, or use skin expander. Of course, this method has obvious scars. So you’d better start with laser treatment, and surgery is the later choice. If the grain is shallow, you can also try grinding.

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