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What are the advantages of laser tattoo removal?

Advantages of laser tattoo removal: 1. Effectiveness. Laser tattoo removal is aimed at the pigment of the skin. Through the photothermal action of the laser, the pigment is burst into small particles. Some of these small particles may be discharged through skin scab removal. In addition, small particles are mainly absorbed by some giant phagocytes of the human body, and then discharged out of the body through the excretory tissue of the human body, So the effectiveness is very high. However, there are certain conditions. Not all colors of tattoos can be effectively removed by laser.

Generally, commercial tatto removal machine laser tattoos for single color tattoos such as black or blue black are very effective. Basically, clean and variegated tattoos, such as green and red tattoos, can be removed. Of course, they can also be removed, There are also some special color tattoos, such as yellow tattoos, which are basically not removed cleanly; 2. The biggest advantage of laser tattoo removal is safety. In the existing tattoo removal methods, laser is the only means that can not leave scars. Other means will leave scars. Although laser can remove pigment, it will cause certain damage to the skin, but under normal circumstances, this damage is within the controllable range, Through the normal repair mechanism of the skin, the purpose of leaving no scar can be achieved.

Tattoo remove laser device tattoos can be removed by laser. Most tattoos can be removed. But what color should tattoos be divided? Most of the laser tattoos are black or gray black, which is easier to remove. However, laser treatment tattoos can not be completely washed at one time, and may require several treatments. However, there are also special dyes. The so-called professional tattoo means that the color of the dye tattooed is very special, such as green, red and even reddish brown. Sometimes it is troublesome to remove the dye with color. Even some so-called professional tattoos are not easy to remove. General tattoos are easy to remove.

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