What are the advantages of laser tattoo removal

In order to look fashionable, many beautiful women went to tattoo on impulse, but later regretted and wanted to get rid of tattoos. Now there are many ways to get rid of tattoos, among which laser is a good way. So what are the advantages of laser tattooing?

Advantages of laser tattoo removal

  1. Laser tattoo removal adopts laser technology. Unlike traditional methods, it does not need to use knife cutting or abrasion. It is natural and safe and will not leave scars.
  2. The laser used for laser tattoo removal is highly selective. It will not damage the surrounding normal skin while removing the tattoo without obvious side effects.
  3. Laser tattoo removal can emit different wavelengths of laser for tattoos of different colors, and can remove various tattoo patterns with large area and heavy color.
  4. The effect of laser tattoo removal is better than that of traditional methods. However, laser tattoo removal generally can not be removed at one time. According to the area and color of tattoo and the depth and number of tattoos, it is also different. Generally, the interval between each treatment is 1-3 months. After about three times of treatment, the tattoo can be removed.

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