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Steps of laser arm depilation

Laser arm hair removal steps. Summer has always been the trouble of hairy girls. I have to worry about depilation every summer, because girls with rough hands and feet will always be looked at differently by others. Some people have tried wax depilation, others have tried depilation cream depilation. However, these methods can not maintain the hair removal effect for a long time. Now laser arm hair removal is a very popular hair removal method.

Before depilation, beauty seekers should understand the depilation steps of the laser arm and be psychologically prepared. In this way, they will relax better during the operation, so as to make the depilation effect of the laser arm better. What are the depilation steps of the laser arm? Let’s have a look.

Laser arm depilation is one of the better depilation methods at present. It is usually necessary to prepare the skin before operation, that is, shave and keep the depilation clean to ensure the effect. Then apply the gel with cooling and cooling effect to the depilation part. The next step is depilation. Clean it after depilation.

Steps for depilation of laser arm:

  1. Skin preparation, as the saying goes, is called shaving, that is, use a disposable hair removal knife to scrape off all the sweat and hair on the body surface of both arms, so that when hair removal is carried out, the light wave can “uproot” the hair roots. Before preparing the skin, please keep the depilation clean to ensure the effect.
  2. Gel: apply gel with cooling and cooling effect to the depilation part, so as to protect the skin to a great extent and reduce the discomfort during depilation.
  3. The laser arm depilates, and the force is evenly contacted repeatedly at the depilation place, so that the laser can thoroughly “encircle and suppress” the root of the hair. There will be a slight pain during the treatment.
  4. Clean, gently scrape off the gel and wash it with clean water. After cleaning, quickly moisturize the skin and apply sunscreen. One week after hair removal, do not take a bath with alkaline toiletries such as soap.