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Laser tattoos. You should know that

Tattooing is sometimes a temporary interest. When people feel that tattoos are not good-looking, they want to eliminate them. Among many methods, laser tattoo should be the ideal method at present, which can quickly eliminate the tattoo. So, do you know much about laser tattoo washing?

Advantages of laser tattoo removal

  1. Laser tattoo removal uses lasers of different wavelengths to selectively perform surgery so that the skin will not be damaged;
  2. Laser tattoo removal can remove patterns with large area and heavy color;
  3. The obvious advantage is that laser tattoo washing does not require knife cutting or abrasion, and in most cases, tattoo washing will not leave obvious scars;
  4. Laser tattoo without anesthesia.

Laser tattoo removal procedure

Beauty lovers need to wear eye masks to protect their eyes. Detecting the response of the skin to the laser determines the energy of effective treatment. Laser tattoo removal surgery first puts the protective equipment on the skin surface, and then starts the laser. Many beauty seekers describe that each fluctuation is like a rubber plate beating the skin. Small tattoos need fewer beats, and large tattoos need more times. In each case, the tattoo can be completely restored only after several treatments. Each time the tattoo is washed by laser, it will be slightly lighter.

In the process of laser tattoo washing, it generally depends on the area and color of the tattoo. In the days of laser tattoo washing, the color of urine discharged every day is very dark, and some people will be dark brown. This is the normal performance of scattered pigment discharged from the body. Drinking more water to accelerate metabolism is also a way to keep the skin active and protect the skin to a certain extent.

Precautions for laser tattoo removal

  1. Do not eat spicy, pigmented and irritating food within one to two weeks after each tattoo. Do not touch water for the first three days;
  2. After each tattoo, keep the skin dry and pay attention to cleanliness. If there is blistering, it is a normal reaction and cannot be scratched;
  3. After the first tattoo removal, the second tattoo removal can be carried out at an interval of 70-85 days (the interval depends on the skin tissue condition of each person), and the third tattoo removal can be carried out at an interval of about 75-90 days (and so on);
  4. After removing the tattoo, if the blister on the skin cannot be punctured at will, it should be allowed to subside by itself;
  5. If it is a small area to tattoo, you can apply some anti-inflammatory ointment, such as aloe gel, baiduobang or hongmeisu ointment. For large area tattoo removal, you need to apply scald ointment first. Under normal circumstances, you can apply it for 2-3 days, twice a day;
  6. After laser tattoo removal, there will generally be anti color, which is not to say that the effect after washing is the recovery effect. This is affected by the body differences and pigment intensity. The anti color will appear after a few minutes to a few hours, which is a normal phenomenon. In the later stage of tattoo repair, the color will lighten gradually until it disappears;
  7. After tattoo removal, don’t always rub the treatment part by hand. Don’t touch water within 2-3 days. If I am allergic to some food (such as seafood, spicy, etc.), I should avoid eating during treatment;
  8. Pay attention to sunscreen after tattoo treatment. Beauty lovers who have been treated for many times may leave pigmentation marks, which are generally brown or reddish, and can be completely repaired in half a year to a year;
  9. After tattoo treatment, pay attention to observe the skin repair. If there are some abnormal skin conditions, do not deal with them by yourself, but consult a doctor.

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