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Laser de tattoo side effects, completely remove the influencing factors

Tattoos are generally retained for a long time. Beauty lovers who like tattoos want to remove the smell after tattooing, which may be completed through certain technical methods. What factors do they depend on to completely remove tattoos?

The purpose of tattoo is to keep it for a long time. At present, there are several methods to remove tattoo effectively, but few surgeons can guarantee to remove tattoo completely. Whether the tattoo can be completely removed depends on several factors: the size and location of the tattoo, personal recovery ability, the production method of the tattoo and the time of the tattoo.

Tattoo removal methods include: surgical excision, skin transplantation, application of tannin or urea, chemical damage, coagulant or cigarette heat damage, liquid nitrogen freezing, salt erasure, skin grinding, CO2 laser, electric ion, etc. However, these methods will damage the dermis, resulting in scar and pigment loss or proliferative changes, which is more obvious than the original tattoo, and the curative effect is not ideal, Laser is a better method.

The side effects of laser treatment are relatively small, but it may also produce pigmentation symptoms and hypopigmentation. Other possible side effects include site infection, ineffective pigment removal and a 5% chance of long-term scab. Therefore, before you plan to tattoo, you must consider clearly that the cost of removing tattoos is much more expensive than drawing tattoos, and there is no guarantee that your tattoos can be completely removed.

Laser wash tattoo part will have a burning feeling or trace bleeding, which is a normal phenomenon. Then there will be scab, which will fall off after about 7-10 days. Do not scrape it forcibly, but let the scab fall off by itself. It will heal naturally in about two weeks. During the healing of the skin at the tattoo washing site, you can apply antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid secondary infection and direct ultraviolet radiation. During the healing period of tattoo scab after laser washing, do not touch water or rub the tattoo. Avoid spicy, tobacco and wine. Fast food with dark color, such as coffee, Pepsi Cola, etc.

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