Laser arm hair removal must pay attention to 6 things

The hair on the bare skin of the arm is the most headache for beauty loving women. The hair is very long and particularly black. How to eliminate it? Take off your hair completely, the most embarrassing laser hair removal. Arm hair is the most likely to cause women’s attention, but some women have long and thick arm hair due to various reasons. What should be paid attention to in laser arm depilation?

6 things to pay attention to in laser arm depilation

  1. To do laser arm depilation, you should pay attention to looking for a professional doctor in a regular institution. Because depilation is long-term, depilation according to certain norms can have a better cosmetic effect, and looking for a professional doctor to do laser arm depilation in a regular institution will not cause some unnecessary side effects, and it is safer.
  2. Only one laser arm depilation can not completely remove the hair. It usually takes 4-6 times of depilation treatment to basically remove the hair. Therefore, girls should pay attention to the re treatment according to the hair regeneration after laser arm depilation. However, another treatment should also choose professional institutions and find experienced doctors to do, so as to achieve the goal of long-term hair removal.
  3. The laser arm depilation needs to avoid high temperature, that is to say, some activities such as sauna, hot spring bathing or overheating water bathing need to be avoided, because the hair follicle temperature can be increased during the laser arm depilation treatment, while the hot spring sauna and so on are at a higher temperature, and the temperature in the skin is not fully emitted. If it comes into contact with the external high temperature, it will cause burning pain, skin redness and swelling, and serious blisters and other adverse reactions. Therefore, the laser arm depilation needs to pay attention to avoid contact with high temperature.
  4. Before the formal laser arm depilation, after scraping off the long hair, people with dry skin will have cutin falling off temporarily. In this case, the skin after laser arm depilation will feel pungent. It is recommended to apply some moisturizing and moisturizing milk products after 24 hours.
  5. Sunscreen after laser arm hair removal is very important! One to two weeks after the laser arm depilation, you can’t be exposed to the sun, because after the laser arm depilation, the hair follicles of the skin are damaged and the skin is relatively fragile. Some beauty lovers will have a slight redness and swelling reaction after the operation. At this time, if the sun is over irradiated, it is easy to leave pigmentation and affect the beauty. In addition, pay special attention not to swim in the afternoon, because the reflection of water after absorbing ultraviolet light is stronger, which is easy to hurt the skin.
  6. After depilation of the laser arm, pay attention to avoid using antiperspirant and other products, because after depilation of the laser arm, the heat remains in the skin and needs to be emitted within 2-3 days. The main function of antiperspirant is to temporarily close the sweat gland duct as a astringent and inhibit the discharge of sweat. It is unreasonable to force antiperspiration.

Laser arm hair removal must pay attention to 6 things. The above is the relevant introduction of the precautions that should be paid attention to in laser arm depilation. I hope you will have more understanding through the above introduction. If you use antiperspirant lotion for a long time or too often, it will cause pore blockage and metabolites can not be discharged normally. In addition, if you don’t pay attention to cleaning, you may also have sweat spots, skin redness, itching, even skin pain and other symptoms, and even cause folliculitis in severe cases.