Laser arm hair removal is a good hair removal method

The treatment method of freezing point laser hair removal is a series of pulse principles. Most hair removal processes will be accompanied by some pain, but the advantages of freezing point laser hair removal will not cause any damage to the skin. In the process of treatment, there will be only slight redness or pain, which will not damage the skin, so there is no need to do any treatment. There is little discomfort after treatment, which does not affect normal life and work.

  1. Good laser wavelength

Laser hair removal must meet two important conditions: first, the laser can be fully absorbed by hair follicle tissue; Second, the laser can effectively pass through the skin to reach the position of the hair follicle. The freezing point painless depilation system can fully meet these two conditions and play a good role in depilation of arm hair.

  1. Surviving pigmentation

Traditional laser arm depilation will cause skin pigmentation and even inflammation after depilation; The extremely fast freezing point painless hair removal system with near perfect function will not produce melanin deposition and inflammation due to the deep penetration depth of Lightsheer and little laser energy absorbed by the epidermis.

  1. Ultra long adjustment of optical pulse time

The laser pulse time required for a good hair removal effect is related to the thickness of the arm hair. The thicker and darker the hair is, the longer the laser action time is required. The laser pulse light impulse of the freezing point painless hair removal system can be finely adjusted, which can not only obtain the ideal hair removal effect, but also effectively protect the skin of both arms from heat damage.