Is the lotion for washing tattoos useful?

The potion for washing tattoos has a certain effect, but it is recommended that those seeking beauty try to avoid using potions to wash tattoos. Because this is a very primitive method to remove tattoos. The final effect of tattoo washing is to replace tattoos with a scar. This effect is difficult to meet the satisfaction of beauty seekers, and it is also very difficult to repair this scar in the later stage. It is recommended that patients use laser to remove tattoos, which can not only remove the pigment in the body, but also ensure that there are no traces on the skin surface.

Generally, the tattoo is washed by laser. The interval will be 3-4 months, and then the tattoo is cleaned for the second time. This is the general limit. The time may be adjusted according to the size of tattoo, trauma and postoperative recovery process. The common analysis is as follows:

Small area tattoo: the postoperative response is small, which can shorten the interval of treatment to 2-3 months;

Large area tattoo: if the postoperative recovery process is not smooth, or local scars are left, the interval may be as long as 4-6 months. Even after multiple tattoo cleaning, obvious pigmentation has been left locally, and the interval between tattoo cleaning may be as long as about 1 year.

For any tattoo cleaning, the interval will be different due to different area, recovery process, color and equipment. Patients can’t arbitrarily shorten the treatment interval because they are eager to clean the tattoo, which may lead to local scars and excessive skin trauma, resulting in serious consequences. It is suggested that patients go to regular medical institutions, listen to the opinions of doctors and decide the time interval of treatment.

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