Is it allergic to tattoo with laser?

Is it allergic to tattoo with laser? Is it allergic to tattoo with laser? A few years ago, tattoos were especially popular with people, and even thought that tattoos were fashionable and beautiful. However, sometimes, tattoos would become an obstacle. Therefore, in recent years, laser tattoo removal is also one of the operations selected by many people in the micro plastic surgery project. Since it is an operation, is it allergic to tattoo with laser? Look at the introduction below!

Is it allergic to tattoo with laser

Treatment principle: using the blasting effect of laser, the laser can effectively penetrate the epidermis and reach the pigment group in the dermis. Due to the extremely short action time of laser (only a few nanoseconds) and extremely high energy, the pigment group expands rapidly after absorbing the high-energy laser and breaks into fine particles. These small particles are swallowed by macrophages in the body and discharged from the body, The pigment gradually fades and disappears, and finally achieves the purpose of treatment.

Plastic and cosmetic experts on whether laser tattoo will be allergic said: “laser tattoo is a safe, painless and effective way to tattoo. Whether allergy will occur varies from person to person”.

For a small number of people, laser tattoo will still have allergic symptoms, so beauty lovers must tell the doctor whether they belong to allergic constitution and whether they can do laser tattoo washing before doing laser tattoo washing.

Under normal circumstances, doctors do not recommend laser tattoo washing for people with allergic constitution, but people with allergic constitution do laser tattoo washing, which is generally rare to have allergies.

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