In addition to laser tattoos, what other ways to remove?

In addition to laser removal, tattoos can also be removed surgically or by skin grafting, but the effect is not as good as laser removal. Because laser treatment requires many times and long-time treatment to remove it, for the parts with small area or the parts where the scar formation is not obvious after surgical treatment, surgical removal can be selected to completely remove the skin of the tattooed part or take a method similar to peeling apple skin to remove the epidermis and pigmented dermis.

However, there is a disadvantage of using surgical methods to tattoo, which may cause surgical scars at the tattooed parts and affect the beauty, especially in the parts with tension, such as limbs. Therefore, it is recommended to use laser to remove tattoos, and there will be no local scar or other adverse effects.

The best way to get rid of tattoos quickly is to recommend laser treatment. Tattoo refers to the artificial implantation of pigment into the skin to form a certain pattern structure, but it is troublesome to wash it off. Previously, the use of potion corrosion or surgical resection will inevitably produce local scars, and the effect is relatively slow. At present, the better way is to wash the tattoo by pigment beauty laser. This laser principle can selectively destroy the pigment particles in the skin and will not cause damage to the surrounding growing skin tissue, so the effect is good and the safety is relatively high.

If you wash a simple black pigment tattoo, the effect is usually the best. It may only take more than ten minutes or half an hour to complete the tattoo washing operation. You need to repeat the treatment several times before you can wash it completely. If color tattoo treatment is relatively troublesome, laser wavelength selection also needs to be set and operated by experienced doctors. Laser tattoo washing is the fastest, safest and effective.

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