How much is it to wash the line tattoo with laser tattoo removal machine?

The price of portable tattoo removal machine has nothing to do with the shape of the tattoo, but with the area of the tattoo. The area of the line tattoo may be small, so the price is relatively cheap. Generally, the price of 1cm ^ 2 is about 300 yuan once.

The tattoo cleaning price is related to the hospital, doctor, treatment method, equipment selection and tattoo color, which needs to be calculated according to the specific situation.

Tattoos have certain hazards, such as infection, allergic reaction and skin cancer, which are difficult to remove. Therefore, careful consideration should be given before tattooing. It is generally recommended to go to formal medical institutions.

Tattoo washing can be carried out in hospitals. It is also recommended that tattoo washing should be carried out in medical institutions. Common tattoo washing methods include laser, semiconductor, photon and other instruments for treatment. The above treatment instruments generally belong to medical grade instruments and equipment. The operator should be medical personnel who have received professional training and learning. At the same time, he needs to understand the skin structure, laser principle, and local healing after treatment, especially the theory of wound healing.

Generally, tattoo washing, laser and photon treatment with the best laser tattoo removal machine belong to medical projects and belong to the category of medical beauty. Relevant projects should be carried out in skin, plastic surgery and other treatment departments. Therefore, it is recommended that patients wash tattoos in the hospital and ask professional doctors and nurses to operate. When washing tattoos with the best laser tattoo removal machine, you should pay attention not to wash tattoos excessively or clean them only once. If the tattoo is damaged after washing, it usually includes pigmentation and scar hyperplasia. Some even have not been removed, and the scar has appeared, which may be caused by washing the tattoo in an irregular organization or not using legal and compliant instruments and equipment.

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