How long does it take to return to normal to wash tattoos with laser tattoo removal machine?

Portable tattoo removal machine currently mainly uses laser to remove tattoos. For different colors of laser, the effect is also different, such as red, green and yellow color tattoos. The treatment effect is worse, but for blue and black tattoos, the effect is very good. Generally, tattoos are treated once every 3 months. Each treatment may take a few minutes to a longer time according to the size of the skin lesions. Generally, it takes about 5 to 6 times. For some particularly difficult tattoos, some effects are longer. After each treatment, about a week to 10 days, these scabs or blisters will dry up.

Personal laser tattoo removal tattoo washing will hurt, but the degree of pain varies according to the tattoo position and personal sensitivity.

Tattoo is to plant pigment particles in the dermis of the skin with instruments. Therefore, the most common way to remove the tattoo is to use laser to remove these pigment particles in the dermis, and then the body slowly absorbs these broken pigment particles, so this process is still painful. And the pain depends on the position of the tattoo. Some positions are very sensitive to pain, and some positions will be less sensitive to pain. For example, around the eyes, lips and distal limbs are very sensitive to pain. If you wash tattoos in these positions, the pain is very strong. So clinically, if you do laser tattoos, most people need to use external anesthetics in advance.

In addition, even if the tattoo is washed off, it will still leave a mark, and the color tattoo is more difficult to wash off than the black tattoo, so it should be considered carefully before tattooing.

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