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How long can I get wet after washing tattoos? What should we pay attention to after washing tattoos

Tattoo is a very fashionable and personalized thing. In order to commemorate some things, many young people will tattoo some patterns on some special parts. Some people just want to have fun and pursue the trend. Tattoos are easy, but it’s troublesome to wash them, and they can’t be removed at one time. What should I pay attention to after washing the tattoo? How long can I get wet after washing the tattoo?

How long can I get wet after washing tattoos? What should I pay attention to after washing tattoos?

  1. How long can I get wet after washing tattoos

After washing the tattoo, it usually takes about 7 days to get wet. If the scab is early, the time of getting wet can be appropriately advanced. If the scab surface appears late, you can’t get wet too early.

  1. Pay attention to scab and water on the wound

After washing the tattoo, even if the wound has scabbed, pay more attention when touching water. Generally speaking, if the scab surface is dark yellow, it is not recommended to touch water. This is a relatively new scab surface, so as not to affect its normal scab formation. If it is dark red, the scab surface can be stained with water, but immersion is not recommended to avoid infection.

  1. The disadvantage of getting wet too early after washing tattoos

Premature exposure to water after tattoo washing can cause many disadvantages:

  1. Easy to cause infection. The water contains bacteria and other microorganisms, which can easily lead to the invasion of the wound and wound infection.
  2. Affect the effect of tattoo washing. Premature contact with water after tattoo washing may lead to infection or aggravate the redness, swelling and blisters of the tattoo washing part, which may affect the final effect.
  3. Affect the formation of scab surface. After washing the tattoo, the final healing of the wound needs to scab. Early exposure to water will affect the formation of scab surface, and finally affect the healing of the wound at the tattoo washing site.
  4. How to keep clean after washing tattoos

During the period when we can’t get wet after washing the tattoo, we also need to pay attention to keeping the skin of the wound clean, which is conducive to the healing of the wound. Generally, we can soak a clean soft towel in water close to the body temperature, wring out the water after soaking, and then gently press the skin to clean it.

  1. Recovery period of tattoo washing

1: Scab – scab removal: 5-8 days. The time of scab removal is different according to the season and their own metabolism. During this period of time, do not scratch because of itching or unsightness, and fall off by himself. The transformation process requires patience.

2: Film stage: after the first layer of ugly scab retreats, you can see the appearance of the tattoo, but at this time, people will say that the color is not good-looking and unclear. That’s because in the process of skin metabolism, a new layer of white film is formed, which takes a little time to fade away.

3: Smoothing period: one month or so. If you feel you need to modify it at this time, you can contact your tattoo artist. Your tattoo is already very beautiful, but you will feel that the tattoo is different from others. It has a convex feeling. It takes 2-5 months to restore it.