General steps and precautions of laser hair removal

From puberty, the body grows too much or excess hair, such as too much facial hair, armpit hair, too long hand hair and leg hair. Excess hair is a common cosmetic problem that puzzles women and men. Traditional hair removal methods include shaving method, chemical reagent hair removal method, tweezers method, mechanical hair removal method and wax hair removal method. The common disadvantage is that it is difficult to destroy hair parent material and hair follicle stem cells, and can only achieve the effect of temporary hair removal.

Although electrolysis and thermal dissolution can effectively destroy hair follicles, their disadvantages are cumbersome operation, time-consuming, low efficiency, low curative effect, obvious pain and possible scars. Using modern laser technology can not only achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal or delaying hair regeneration time, but also avoid and reduce the shortcomings of traditional hair removal technology.

General steps of laser treatment:

① Turn on the power and warm up the machine.

② Preparation of treatment area: shave the hair before treatment, clean the part and remove grease and dirt.

③ Set treatment parameters and conduct experimental treatment.

④ Get excellent parameters and complete the whole treatment.

⑤ Explain the precautions after operation.

It should be noted that:

  1. Scattered erythema and edema will appear in the hair removal area after operation, which generally subsides within a few hours without special treatment. Severe cases can be treated with ice compress.
  2. Keep clean after operation and avoid sunlight. In order to ensure the effect, we must choose regular professional hospitals and experienced doctors.