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Does picosecond laser tattoo hurt

Tattoo is like this. It was originally a symbol of fashion, but with the change of people’s aesthetic concept, many people want to wash the tattoo off. Laser is a common method to wash tattoos at present. The arrival of picosecond laser subverts the traditional nanosecond laser and is known as “Ferrari in laser beauty”. So, does picosecond laser tattoo hurt?

Does picosecond laser tattoo hurt

Picosecond laser tattoo removal treatment will have a slight tingling feeling. Generally, it will be more obvious in places with more pigment distribution. There is no need to worry. Doctors will use local anesthetic ointment and cold fan to reduce discomfort as appropriate.

Picosecond laser tattoo removal

How long does picosecond laser tattoo take

The tattoo marks on various parts of the body, due to different area, color and parts, need to be personally evaluated by professional doctors before recommending the treatment times. The interval between each treatment is about 6-8 weeks, and some doctors suggest adjustment.

Does picosecond laser tattoo hurt? There is only slight pain in the process of picosecond laser tattoo, so you don’t have to worry. After picosecond laser tattoo removal treatment, ice compress for 15-30 minutes. The skin will produce dandruff or scab within one week after operation. Moisturizing and sunscreen should be strengthened, and make-up should be avoided as far as possible. The scab will fall slowly after 3-5 days.

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