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Does laser tattoo wash hurt? How painful is laser tattoo washing?

In order to seek fashion trends, many young people will have tattoos on their bodies. There are a variety of tattoo patterns. Although it is easy to tattoo, it is difficult to wash it off. Tattoos can be washed off by laser, but there must be a lot of pain in tattoo washing. What’s more, it must hurt the skin?

Does laser tattoo wash hurt? How painful is laser tattoo washing?

  1. Pay attention to laser tattoo washing

Laser tattoos are usually washed three times

Laser tattoo washing can not completely wash the tattoo at one time, which depends on the size and depth of the tattoo. Generally, smaller and shallow tattoos need to be washed three times to be completely cleaned. If the tattoo has more colors, you should have multiple laser tattoo washing treatments.

Laser tattoo washing should go to regular medical institutions

Laser tattoo washing should go to regular medical institutions. Now many tattoo halls now have laser tattoo washing project. However, many tattoo halls have imperfect disinfection measures. In the process of laser tattoo washing, wound infection is easy to cause other complications. Therefore, it is recommended to go to regular medical institutions for laser tattoo washing.

Precautions 4 hours after laser tattoo washing

Within 4 hours after laser tattoo washing, the fresh-keeping film wrapped in the laser part should be torn off, and the wound on the laser tattoo part should be washed with warm water. Finally, gently wipe the laser tattoo part with a clean paper towel.

Attention should be paid to bathing after laser tattoo washing

Behind the laser wash lines, be sure to use a shower when taking a bath. Do not touch alkaline irritant substances such as soap when washing tattoos with laser, otherwise it will stimulate wound infection. When taking a bath, if you are really afraid of touching it, you can wrap it tightly with plastic wrap to prevent the wound from contacting these substances. Just tear it off after taking a bath.

Care should be taken after laser tattoo washing

After laser tattoo washing, you need to take care of it carefully. You can gently smear a layer of anti-inflammatory ointment or aloe gel on the wound every day, which can promote the rapid healing of the wound.

Do not scratch after laser tattoo washing

A few days after laser tattoo washing, the wound will automatically scab. When scab is formed, the wound will show signs of pruritus. At this time, you must not scratch the wound with your hand to avoid infection. About 5 ~ 8 days after laser tattoo washing, the wound will scab. At this time, just wait for the scab to fall off automatically.

After laser tattoo washing, the wound ulcers and needs to be treated in time

After laser tattoo washing, if the wound has ulceration, suppuration, running water, delayed wound healing or fever, do not deal with it by yourself, but go to the hospital in time and solve it through formal and correct medical means.

  1. Small square removed
  2. Drug corrosion to remove tattoos

The use of corrosive drugs to corrode and peel off tattoos is a common method used by many people. However, when using drug corrosion, we should pay attention to the depth and scope of drug corrosion, which is difficult to control, and it is easy to residual pigment and form obvious scars, so we should be careful.

Commonly used drugs are silver nitrate, phenol, potassium permanganate, ferrous and so on.

  1. Repeat tattoo remove tattoo

The method to remove the tattoo by repeating the tattoo is to cover the original pigment with a pigment similar to the skin color at the original tattoo part, so as to remove the original tattoo. But it should be noted that this method to tattoo is also difficult to achieve normal skin color.

  1. Clever makeup to remove tattoos

Through ingenious makeup, it can help cover up the tattoo and effectively remove the tattoo temporarily and quickly. Through make-up to tattoos, we should choose cosmetics that are not easy to fall off and have a strong Concealer effect. Generally, it is only suitable for a small range of tattoos.

  1. Tattoo removal by liquid nitrogen freezing

Using liquid nitrogen or other refrigerants to freeze the tattoo part can make local necrosis, form scab and fall off, so as to help remove the tattoo. This method is generally only effective for shallow tattoos.

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine to remove tattoos

Using traditional Chinese medicine to prepare a preparation with corrosion and burning effect, and applying it to the tattoo position can burn and carbonize the tattoo tissue, so as to achieve the purpose of removing tattoos. However, it should be noted that this method is easy to form scars because of continuous and excessive repair.