Does laser tattoo hurt? How to care after operation

Laser can remove tattoo. Does laser remove tattoo pain? What is the effect of laser tattoo removal? What are the postoperative nursing matters of laser tattoo removal? What are the precautions after operation?

Does laser tattoo hurt

Laser tattoo removal uses the selective principle of laser to irradiate and act on the tattoo part, which can effectively decompose and crush the pigment particles of tattoo, and discharge them out of the body through human metabolism. Experts say that the pain of laser tattooing is very small, which mainly depends on the individual’s sensitivity to pain, the location of tattoos and the size of patterns, but the pain is completely tolerable.

Nursing after laser tattoo removal

  1. There may be slight pain or transient redness and swelling during laser tattoo removal, but don’t worry. These reactions will generally disappear over time.
  2. The scab fell off by itself in about 7 days. Individual patients may have normal temporary pigmentation after laser tattooing, which will be gradually absorbed. Oral vitamin C can reduce pigment reflux.
  3. Before the scab falls off, the treatment area does not touch water, make-up, rub, and avoid spicy, tobacco and wine. In the near future, fast foods with dark color, such as coffee and Pepsi Cola. The scab shall fall off by itself and shall not be forcibly peeled off. Do not take part in intense exercise to avoid infection after sweating.
  4. During healing, antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs can be applied to prevent secondary infection. Sunscreen should be provided after operation, otherwise temporary pigmentation will occur, and scars may appear after infection.

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