Does female laser facial hair removal have tingling sensation

Facial laser depilation is very common in modern society. Thick facial hair is also a very troublesome thing. It means that the facial skin is imperfect. Therefore, in order to effectively show the smoothness and cleanness of the skin, facial laser depilation has become the preferred choice for beauty lovers. So, does laser facial hair removal have a tingling sensation?

Laser facial hair removal has a slight tingling feeling:

Laser facial hair removal for beauty seekers may cause facial tingling. This is because the whole face hair removal depends on the conversion of light energy into heat energy, which can damage hair follicles. This effect will affect the pain nerve. Therefore, beauty seekers will feel slight tingling in general. If it is completely painless, it may be that the energy setting of the facial hair removal machine is insufficient, but this will lead to a longer hair removal cycle.

What should laser facial depilation pay attention to?

  1. After the facial laser hair removal surgery, we must pay attention not to use some skin care products and cosmetics that are usually used. On the one hand, they have an impact on the treatment and may cause infection.
  2. People who have the habit of swimming should not go swimming after the operation, because on the one hand, the sea water is dirty and will be infected. On the other hand, the sea water contains a lot of salt, which is bad for the skin just after laser hair removal, so we need to pay attention to it.
  3. Note that the depilated part should not be scalded with hot water or scrubbed with force.